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I was a reader long before I became a writer.  Any genre would do--Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Suspense/Thrillers, or Erotica.  As long as the book was well written--I had to have it! It's my "Calgon--Take Me Away" type of relaxation (in lieu of spending far too much money at Macy's!)


Keeping busy as a Mom, surrounded by friends who are just as crazy and jazzy as I am while still holding my full-time job, I use my down time creating and putting to paper my own stories.  Since my absolute favorite genre is Romance (I need to have a happy ending, how about you?)-I will strive to have my characters, after a bit of soul-centering reconciliation, receive everything their heart desires--even if their head is too stubborn and fights against them through the entire journey.  


I hope you enjoy the books-Peace and Blessings!





Book IT! Literary Event Nov 2016
Just waiting on the proof for the fourth...
Had a great time at the Mocha Girls Read fifth year anniversary
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