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Meet the Ladies of Natchez State University (NSU) as they each embark on a journey to find everlasting love and personal redemption. 

The Painted Lady Book I


ISBN-10:  0690692514244 

Asha spent a lifetime sacrificing for love...


All Asha St. Claire wanted was to create a solid future for her and her little boy.  She fears, however, that her choices collide with what her heart truly desires.  The man she wants to give her whole heart to may also be the one who could potentially destroy her future.   Will she be brave enough to take a chance on the love he offers or will fear threaten to keep them both apart? 

The Swan Lady Book II

ISBN-10:  0997214317


Terri spent a lifetime feeling unworthy of love...


Terri Cortes has always been a little too opinionated for her own good.   Her mask of beauty and sharp-witted tongue cannot hide the insecurities that still haunt her dreams, turning them into nightmares.  Can the man she yearns to reveal all her inhibitions to be the same one to emotionally tear her world apart? Or will the man knocking down each protected layer of emotion brick by brick be the one who ultimately wins her heart?










The Diamond Lady Book III

ISBN-10: 997214333


Holley spent a lifetime overcoming the remnants of love...


Holley Rune thought she'd left her horrid past behind her.  She vowed never to become a victim of circumstance again.  Someone from her past, however, doesn't want her to forget.  They are determined to make her remember everything she's tried to bury.  Turning to her friends and a man she still had insecurities about for help, Holley soon finds herself in the middle of a game of deception and lies...




The Hidden Lady Book IV


ISBN-10: 0-9972143-6-8


Paige spent a lifetime justifying the need for love...


In the epic conclusion to this four-part series, Paige Clarke never dreamed she'd end up serving drinks to a bunch of smelling, drunken men.  She also never thought she'd fall for yet another man who didn't have time for her.  Deciding to make a fresh start, she leaves Houston to go back home to Detroit to see her estranged sister, Rachelle. When she gets home, she discovers her little sister has been missing for the past two weeks...


After begrudging soliciting the help of the man she's trying to forget, Paige finds herself hurled into a world of subterfuge she was never prepared for.  The Hunter Group, an underground organization responsible for trafficking young girls, threatens to destroy everything she holds dear as they move closer to the truth. 




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